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"Next Time You Feel Unqualified To Be Used By God Remember This, He Tends To Recruit From The Pit, Not The Pedestal."


THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD Do You Believe That? Were It Not That God Had Chosen Some, Heaven Would Have None. I Don’t Believe This: I came to Him. I made up my mind. I decided to give him a try. I change my heart. I turned around. LET’S REASON TOGETHER: I can’t find this nowhere in... Continue Reading →


HOLY SPIRIT- JOHN 14;26 Are you facing something that exceeds your own strength and ability? you can depend on the SPIRIT'S constant help. GOD'S SPIRIT working in you will bring him the glory He deserves. Dear GOD thank you for the ongoing support available through the HOLY SPIRIT. Help me to rely on Your SPIRIT... Continue Reading →


THANKFULNESS- 1 THESSALONIANS 5;18 Think about how often in a day other people do things for you, however small. do you remember to thank them? Now think about how often GOD helps you in your daily life... Think about how much GOD has given you... when you pause to think about it, you will see... Continue Reading →


CONSEQUENCES- GALATIANS 6:7-8 A consequence is an outcome, an aftermath, or a result. Some actions produce consequences that are neither morally good nor bad, for example, if you take a shower, will get clean. but many thoughts and actions have definite good or bad consequences. Sin will always cause bad consequences. before you act, ask... Continue Reading →

Message of the Bible

Lord, sometimes we feel as though we're on the wrong side of a particular situation. We know You are everywhere. Help us see You. God is at work in our mess. That's the message of the Bible.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter, doesn't it. Please join me as I share my experiences with the Lord with you. Feel free friends and family to leave a comment or a question. As you read my post I pray that you are free from bondage and... Continue Reading →

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